Students forest equipment receives awards

Published: 8 December 2017

Equipment for forestry planters that contribute to a better working environment and efficiency. That is the result of a thesis at Luleå University of Technology. Now, Dennis Bröms and Victor Andersson, students from the Master Programme in Industrial Design Engineering, have received an award for best thesis by Bo Rydins Foundation.

– The equipment currently available for planters is as simple as possible, to maximise profit. We wanted to create a concept that was pricy but also developed based on the user needs, says Dennis Bröms, who today works as a consultant at Academic Work for Gestamp HardTech.

The objective of the thesis was to simplify and improve the work of manual planting in the forest industry. The result was a combined harness and solution for planting, which means improved ergonomics, higher comfort for the workers, and improved efficiency at work. Dennis Bröms and Victor Andersson have developed the prototype in consultation with SCA, Sweden’s largest private owner of forest land, and the reforestation equipment manufacturer BCC. The company now has the ambition to develop the product for sale. While working with the thesis the students lived in a caravan at one of the plant schools at SCA in Timrå. A time that required a lot of work and that sometimes also was very cold.

– We have spent a lot of time with this! Having received the price means a lot for the self-esteem and for the future. It feels great that we have developed something that will be used by the industry. Even though we have been told by supervisors and companies that it is a good degree project, the award shows that it is good for the market as well.