Well-visited and appreciated innovation day

Published: 20 November 2019

Luleå University of Technology organized an innovation day at Vetenskapens hus with over 130 applicants from, among others, Tillväxtverket, the Region, business managers in Norrbotten's municipalities, Vattenfall and entrepreneurs in, the IT industry and the mining sector.

– The purpose of this day is for business, public sector and civil society to get access to current research in the university's strong research and innovation areas AI, mine and space, Johanna Carlsson, says, project manager at the Innovation Office.

The importance of innovations for the region

What does the future look like, and what do the innovations mean for the region's companies, organizations and residents? That was the main issue for the day with participants: Marcus Liwicki, Professor of Machine Learning, Erik Abbing, CEO and Founder of 3eflow, Jenny Greberg, Program Director SIP STRIM / Assistant Professor of Mining and Mining Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, Olle Norberg, Vice President of Space at Luleå university, Johan Frishammar, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Luleå University of Technology together with LTU Business and Viktoria Mattsson, head of collaboration, external financing and innovation at Luleå University of Technology. It turned out to be a very appreciated program.

-– Today's presentations were very good for one's self-image. We are very good at innovations in Norrbotten,  Thomas Fagerman, said, Boden Business park and was supported by Markus Segerström, student of  Industrial Design Engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

-– We want to inspire and show what a strong innovation region we really are and what opportunities there are for collaboration, not least with Luleå University of Technology, Johanna Carlsson, said.

Get yourself an innovation strategy

Among other things, Johan Frishammar highlighted the importance of companies developing their own innovation strategy, and he believed that a good one can be accommodated on a single A4 paper, it is about focusing on what you want to achieve, have a clear goal and a strategy to get there. Sandra Berg and Johan Bergström, LTU Business talked about the importance of keeping an eye on your surroundings, and not above all on your own industry, but trends around you, that may affect your company and the decisions that you make today. A business plan should also not be so focused on the product itself, but on the value one's company wants to deliver and that core should be nurtured, while testing new things.

Innovations in space

Olle Norberg delivered an imaginative picture of future innovations in space.

– The moon will again be an interesting place to visit, led by the United States, to establish a permanent space base. At the north and south poles there is ice in the shelter that you can break and then permanent bases are possible. The future has never been more exciting than now, Olle Norberg said.

Increased visibility internationally

Viktoria Mattsson, Head of Collaboration, External Financing and Innovation, talked about, among other things, the importance of innovators in Norrbotten becoming more visible internationally and nationally, which contributes to increased growth in Norrbotten and she urged those who want to collaborate with Luleå University of Technology, to really contact the University .

–  It is important that we continue to be creative and cooperation is important. Take the chance to talk to a researcher here today and tell them, we want to collaborate with you, said Viktoria Mattsson.

Panel discussion on the innovations of the future

A panel consisting of Mikael Nyström, CEO Mobilaris, Petter Alapää, Corporate Analyst Norrlandsfonden, Niklas Österberg, Investment Manager & Sr. Business Advisor Arctic Business and Terése Edholm, Project Manager ABB, addressed questions and ongoing lectures on the innovations of the future, saying that sometimes it is not new ideas that are a new innovation, but as much to take advantage of what is already there, and reshape it. .