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Project management 4,5 ECTS FOR025F

Published: 9 January 2017


Course name: Project management 

ECTS/HP: 4,5 

Course code: FOR025F

Education cycle: The course is given in at campus Luleå iand on distance, involving compulsory seminars and home assignments.

Course syllabus is decided by: Sara Thorgren

Examiner: Fredrik Backlund

Entry requirements: Students must be enrolled in a PhD programme at LTU to follow the course.

Intended learning outcomes: The course should provide students with knowledge and skills in project management, i.e. principles, methods and tools. Using doctoral studies as a case, an additional aim is to support students with capabilities to managing their own doctoral project more efficiently and effectively. 

Course content: The course includes different aspects of  project  and project management, and how doctoral studies can be seen from a project management perspective. A specific focus is project planning, and how doctoral studies can be planned as a project. 

Course methods: The course consists of seminars, webinars and home assignments, with focus on project management theory and the development of a project plan. 

Examination format: Examination is based on active participation and home assignments. Oral examination is also included, based on the developed project plan. 

Grading scale: Pass/Fail

Literature: Recommended literature is basic books in project management , for example "Project Management" by Bo Tonnquist, Sanoma Utbildning. In addition, some research papers and power point slides will be included.  

Course period: LP 1 2019 and 2020.

Send application to: Include personal number, LTU department and all contact information in the message. Application is due on Aug 26th each year.

Contact person: Associate Professor Fredrik Backlund (Industrial management and engineering), e-mail: