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Wanted nurses from other countries took the Swedish degree

Published: 28 January 2020

For the second time, nurses from countries outside the EU, EES and from Switzerland have been examined at Luleå University of Technology. This time, 18 people received a diploma and an LTU needle. - We are already offered jobs, says Karen de los Reyes and Hakar Fathalla at the closing ceremony.

Those who have a nursing education from countries that are not part of the EU, EEA or are from Switzerland can attend a supplementary education so they can start to wotk as nurses in Sweden.. At Luleå University of Technology, Sweden's only supplementary education is conducted remotely. After graduation, participants can request certificate from the Social Board.

In mid-January, it was time for a group of 18 people to receive a diploma and LTU- nail in blue ribbon.

– I am proud of this education and I am proud to have had you here as students here, said Åsa Engström, professor and Head of subject nursing, as she spoke during the closing.

She also noted that they have an important competence that is needed.

Päivi Juuso, senior lecturer of nursing, says that the third round of the supplementary program will begin shortly.

– This time, it's 24 that have been adopted, she says.

During the training year, three periods of internship are included.

– It's been good, but quite tough. There is a lot to do in a year. You have to have discipline, says Karen de los Reyes, who lives in Västerås and has a nursing degree from the Philippines.

Hakar Fathalla lives in Malmö and hails from Kurdistan.

– I have small children, so it's good to be able to read remotely, he says.