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Photo: LTU

Commissioned education reduces queues for pacemaker surgery

Published: 4 April 2013

The queues for pacemaker surgery is very long. To solve the problem, Sunderby hospital opens a new operating theater for these operations. In collaboration with the Health Department, LTU, a training launched to educate nurses and radiographers to assist in operations.

On behalf of Sunderby Hospital has the Health Department arranged a specifically built education that will meet the demands and wishes.

The Commissioned education "Perioperative nursing with a focus on sterile handling of Pacemaker Insertion" has just started and will continue until the summer. Ten handpicked nurses and radiographers train to provide new opportunities and possibilities. Later in the autumn of Radiology is expected to take over the operations in new premises.

- They need lots of new knowledge because it is a major surgical operation and it is important that they get all the knowledge and skills provided. Since all work full time the education may procrastinate forward to the fall with the practical elements, says lecturer Daniel Zotterman, who is also a surgical nurse and teacher.

All lectures will be held in Sunderby hospital and are recorded or are prerecorded so their every dagy work should not be affected. The education will provide an understanding of hygiene and a basic knowledge of contamination. The practical exercises are carried out later in the program on real operations.

- The surrender is safe and secure with trained surgical nurses in place during the first period of time, says Daniel Zotterman.