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LTU-day nursing
Erik Nordstrom, a student in the nursing program answered questions about education.

Options important for visitors from highschoolerskeyrket

Published: 8 October 2013

What are the options available after graduation was one of the issues that high school students had when they visited the Health Science table with information about the nursing program at C-House atrium during a day at LTU on October 8.

-They wondered, for example, which further courses that are available, said Erik Nordstrom, a student at the nursing program, who helped to answer questions.
Lisa Lundstrom from high school in Boden is considering joining the nursing program and then on to train as a midwife.
-The downside is that I have to do it in Umeå, for the further education is not here, she says.
Many questions from high school students was about the content, and how it is organized.
Nursing Students Erik Nordström and Niklas Westerlund answered questions from visitors along with teachers Gunilla Johansson, Malin Henriksson, Sebastian Gabrielsson and Anna Nygren Zotterman.