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Gunvor Gard LTU
Rhesamprojektet run jointly by the university and the Norrbotten County Council. Gunvor Gard, a professor of physical therapy, is one of the initiators of the project.

First follow-REHSAM project finished

Published: 26 February 2014

What are the effects of multimodal pain rehabilitation (MMR) with the addition of a web-based support, compared with MMR alone for patients suffering from chronic pain? This is an issue that is currently being studied in Rehsam project in Norrbotten.
-We;ve just done a four month follow-up yet, but it shows that patients in both groups, has a decrease in their pain, says Gunvor Gard, a professor of physical therapy at Luleå University.

Rehsam project began in 2010. Primary care in Norrbotten in the project where pain patients at 17 medical centers may help with his rehabilitation of the MMR team .

Web support consists of a program in which all patients can learn to deal with pain, and gain knowledge of, for example, sleep, stress, ergonomics, management, and body awareness.

It is still too early to draw any conclusions about the web of its impact, if web support makes rehabilitation more effective. Studies of this progress. Catharina Nordin, one of the students in the project, is also working to interview patients about their experiences of webstödet.

-We work with the information and communication and our thesis is that the web support can be significant. If so I guess we'll see later when the project lasted longer, says Gunvor Gard.

Rehsam project is a research project run jointly by the Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and Norrbotten County Council (NLL).

Försäkringskassan and Vårdalstiftelsen is funding the procent with, 4.8 million SEK.

The project's aim is that people who are on sick leave due to chronic pain should receive help to improve functional capacity, return to work and get the tools to manage their work situation in a better way.