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Per-Olof Egnell, director of the research center EIC. Photo: Erica Long

New driven director at the EIC

Published: 29 October 2014

Per-Olof Egnell has worked with eHealth for ten years and has held many roles within the area. Since October, he works at the Center for Innovation and eHealth to conduct development activities for the needs of Norrbotten. A task which he sees as a huge, but exciting challenge.

Center for Innovation and eHealth, EIC, is working to find new health-smart solutions in eHealth. Luleå University of technology works in collaboration with the Norrbotten County Council, other care operators and companies. The assignment is to find regional partners for innovative solutions, which will be put to practical use. Per-Olof Egnell thinks that interaction is an important part of the new EIC.
– The big challenge will be to establish projects that are rooted and run the projects that stakeholders want to be driven. An other challenge is to find project managers in the operations.

Powerful project manager

In addition to a large network, both nationally and internationally, Per-Olof Egnell has over the years accumulated a lot of experiences when it comes to managing projects in the county, Luleå University of Technology and companies.
– I am a vision driven person by a strong focus on the business value and a broad perspective on development areas. I'm used to initiate activities, see the potential and get the projects going.

He would not yet comment on any direct goals before the committee has held its meeting. Then he will know what is decided and can put up his own goals, but in broad terms, it is about building networks, establish projects and find financing.
– The first thing I want to do in order to prioritize the right questions is conducting analysis, both among municipalities and counties.

An engine for development

He is well aware of how it looks in the healthcare organisation today and have a respect for it, but he also knows that nothing happens automatically. He believes new ways of working must be found, go to the bottom with some perspective and think differently.
– If we want to contribute to major changes we have to show how it's done. I think that the University has a very important role to show how the results, so the right decisions are taken.

Per-Olof want to interact in the configurations that exist, but also to find new forums. He believes it is important to establish a force which ensures that operators meet and discuss development issues. An force which is composed of people who have the power and to work with development issues.

– This is an exciting job. I look forward to a structure and to get everything rolling. Then it's up to me to create results, but now I need a business plan so I can create a way to reach the goals.


Per-Olof Egnell

Per-Olof Egnell, Operational Manager

Phone: +46 (0)920 492089
Organisation: eHealth Innovation Centre, Department of Health, Education and Technology