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New lab facilities improves teaching

Published: 8 October 2014

The flexible premises are used in the education of nurses and specialist nurses. The lab facilities have new equipment and resemble a real hospital environment.

– The students should feel comfortable and secure in the hospital environment when they enter the working life. The premises are very flexible and can easily be changed depending on which function is needed, says lecturer Daniel Zotterman.

The new premises are located adjacent to one another and includes an ambulance, hospital beds and cabinets with materials. In a simple way, the venue is changed after the education given at the moment. One day are nurses training at putting venous catheter and suction the patient's airways clear of mucus, and the second day are intensive care paramedics and nurses in emergencycare training intensive care and dressing sterile.
– The premises are much fresher and it is a different thing when they resemble a real hospital environment. You get the right feeling, says Rebecka Simonsson, at tha nursing programme semester 3.

Resource for students

Even for the teachers are the new premises better. Previously was more time and planning required to pick up materials and cleaning up after the labs. Now the material is inside the premises and the students themselves can pick up what is needed. This way, the entire workflow is trained.
– It's great that everything is more cohesive and not so spread out. It's nice to know where we belong, says Adam Wedin, the nursing programme semester 3.

There will also be a resource rooms that the students have access to. When they want, they can go in and practice and rehearse different elements. Right now the room is being completed and new routines are worked out.

– The room should provide a sence of security so they can training for workpractice or examinations, says Daniel Zotterman.