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Ambulance raises the quality of education

Published: 18 September 2013

Students at Luleå University of Technology get their own ambulance (without engine and wheels) to be used in practical exercises.
-This raises the quality of education significantly, says Christer Kågström, lecturer at the division of nursing within the Department of Health Sciences.

The ambulancecabinet was inserted in the D building this week (week 38).
-We will use it primarily in specialized training for ambulance nurses, but also in the other programs, says Christer Kågström.
-Being able to have practical training in an environment similar to reality will mean a lot. Students get used to the environment and that it is crowded, he says.
The cabinet has been sitting on an ambulance in Uppsala. A private person who wanted to get over the ambulance engine and chassi bought it from the county council.
Then he sold he sold the cabinet to the university.
-We got it for a fantastic price, says Christer Kågström.
All equipment such as oxygen apparatus, was plucked away.
-Now we're going to install new equipment, says Christer Kågström.
The ambulance will begin to be used in teaching at the beginning of next year.