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HLV;s program takes record in enrollment rates

Published: 18 April 2013

The first rates has increased on most programs from last year. HLV makes the best admissions digits ever.
- It is incredibly gratifying and we have received more first-choice applicants than before, says recruitment manager Peter Michaelson.

Generally, increases iall programmes on Health Sciences. Occupational therapy clearly increases the most with first-hand applicants by 100 percent, and a total of about 50 percent.

Health counselors and Physiotherapists increases the first-choice applicants by 15-20 percent. A total of 500 health counselors applications while Physiotherapy increases to unimaginable 1139.

Nurse is stable at 199 primary applications and a total of 990 applications on 80 seats.

- We are pleased with such fine applicationrates on our new master in Physical Therapy, master in Occupational Therapy and master in Nursing as all shows stable ratings. Approximately 20 first-choice applicants and 40 to 120 applicants in total. It is more than we expect, said Peter Michaelson.

The programes in specialist nurse Ambulance, District and IVA has continously good ratings.
- Their applicationrates are higher than we noramlly have, which ensures that we will have full courses, says Peter Michaelson.

Specialist Nurse, Care of the elderly is still good and also the new programme in Operation did a good result, which guarantees a full course.

The courses rates are in general what was expected, where E-health has increased and Motivational Interviewing continues to attract many students.