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In the media: Milkdebate

Published: 1 October 2013

Health Promotion Group at Luleå University welcomes thel local politicians decision to tear up the decision to replace the ordinary milk in Luleå schools with low-fat milk.

-It's brilliant that they listened to us and others who have made contributions to the debate about milk. The children will benefit and the decision will provide good signals to society about what is important for our health, and where the diet is an important factor, says Catrine Kostenius, assistant professor of Health Sciences and director of health promotion group.
The group, made up of teachers and researchers working with health promotion, last week wrote an opinion piece on the subject.
-We ended the post with the words Rethink! And this they have done. It's good that they listened to us, says Catrine Kostenius.
-If the politicians in Luleå want a dialogue about nutrition issue in schools, we are happy and will gladly participate, she said.