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Dem@Care, LTU
Dem@Care, Luleå University of Technology

EU funding for Dem@Care project!

Published: 18 November 2011

Stefan Sävenstedt and Karin Axelsson, together with Kåre Synnes and Josef Hallberg received 9 million dollars over four years for his involvement in a major international research projects in e-Health funded by the EU Framework Programme 7.

The project, Dem@Care, shall develop sensor technology for use in homes of people with early to moderate dementia. The aim is to provide support to the individual and the family and develop an understanding of how demensjukdomen affects the individual in everyday life. The plan is to implement the project in cooperation with the NLL and the students attached to the project from both the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering and the Department of Health Sciences.

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