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Anders Eriksson is supported by Norwegian Research

Published: 31 October 2013

LTU-researcher Anders Erikssonss research on residual effects of doping with anabolic steroids are now supported by the Norwegian research trials on mice.
-It´s right in line with the research that I conducted, says Anders Eriksson, the Department of Health.

Researchers at the Institute of Biology at the University of Oslo has the last two years made extensive experiments on mice with anabolic steroids, testosterone, reports the Norwegian radio NRK

The increased number of nuclei in muscles of mice, an effect of testosterone was found to persist even after their discontinuation.

-The only problem is that it is animal testing, but the probability that the results are transferable to humans is still relatively high, says Anders Eriksson.

-It seems like we get closer and closer to the ultimate proof, but it should probably be a study done on humans, he says.

Anders Eriksson's research on anabolic steroids is based on muscle samples (biopsies) taken from human beeings, powerlifters and others.