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App instead of doctor visits

Published: 28 January 2013

Apps and other communication may be the solution for the EU countries to cope with the care of a growing number of patients affected by the most common diseases, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. LTU researchers Inger Lindberg and Siv Söderberg involved in the EU:s major flagship research Renewing Health where 8000 patients in nine EU countries participates.

- With preventive self-care and technology, where patients can easily take control of their disease and lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, we can facilitate for the sick to stay as healthy as possible, says Siv Söderberg.

Norrbotten is one of nine regions included in the main study. 700 people from Norrbotten between 30-94 years old participate. LTU researchers collaborate with the regional care to collect and analyze data on patients' blood pressure, sugar, etc. Via an app in the e-service My health care contacts the patient logs in with their BankID and get access to information about their health.

- Via the application reports the patient various data which are presented in a graph. Patients can clearly see how exercise, diet and medication directly affects health, says Inger Lindberg.

The app is developed by LTU Research Centres, Centre for Innovation and e-health. The notification feature in the app is a vital part of the patient's daily life as it makes it easy to communicate directly with the district, diabetes nurses and doctors. After a year of self-treatment the patienta are checked up, both medically and physically. The EU's aim is to implement the results of the project  throughout the healthcare  the EU.

Parts of the guidlines used to evaluate research has involved Inger Lindberg and Siv Söderberg in drafting. LTU research on eHealth are at the forefront in the areas of health promotion, prevention and dementia.