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Malin Johansson and Julia Lindgen. Photo: Private.

They are doing their work placement on Iceland

Published: 2 May 2013

in Malin Johansson and Julia Lindgren are the fourth semester of the nursing program and are doing their work placement on Iceland in May.
- It will be exciting and interesting to see how they work, their thinking and perspectives, says Malin Johansson.

During the work placement they the blogs about their experiences.

There are four students from the nursing program who will go to North Island from the 4th to the 31st of May. Malin Johansson and Asa Lövgren will go to Dalvik, which is a small town of 1400 inhabitants. Five miles away is Akureyri, which is Iceland's fourth largest municipality. There will Julia Lindgren and Caroline Dådring do their work placement.
- It is a country that is not so far away, but have a totally different climate, scenery and language, says Julia Lindgren.

Everyone got a place in elderly care. They have heard from students in previous years who made their work placement in Icelands elderly care that it is very different from Swedens elderly care.
- They have a different system and a different mindset. So it will be fun to learn about their culture and how they think. Then we can compare and see what works and maybe bring something home that can be developed. At the same time we can share what we can and know, says Malin Johansson.

Experience of a lifetime

The girls were early informed that it was possible to make the fourth work placement abroad. The requirement was that they had to passed the exams. LTU's contact Maud Lundbäck have a collaboration with an international coordinator for Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.
- We were assigned two cities and it feels good that we live and work in pairs. It's always a little bit safer to have someone you can trust and talk to, says Malin Johansson.

They've also got a scholarship that will cover airfare, accommodation and living expenses, but they expect to be using some of their own money..
- It's all about the experience. It will be an experience that we only get once in a lifetime, says Julia Lindgren.

Living together

They have booked accommodation themselves after receiving links to different types of accommodations. Both in Dalvik and Akureyri, they will live in a so-called Gimli, a large house with several rooms and a shared kitchen, living room and toilet. They sleep two and two in a room.
- It feels great to share a room because then we can exchange ideas and reflect on what we been through, says Julia.

They will work weekdays between the hours of 8:00 to 17:00 and on weekends they are going to see some of Iceland.
- We have a long list, like to ride Icelandic horses, go on whalesafari and bath in the Blue Lagoon, says Julia.

As for the work placement, they have no expectations.
- Because we do not know what we are coming to is a little difficult, but it will be insanely good, she continues.