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Research facilitate the gold medal in the European Championship for womens

Published: 8 July 2013

Few teams in the world have such a broad and deep knowledge in coaching the team as the Swedish national womens football. Within the team there are three postdoctoral researchers in orthopedics, cardiology and physics, who will lift the team to the European Championships.

- In Sweden, we are at the cutting edge of incorporating research into practice to become as successful as possible. Not even the gentlemen on the national side, which is the closest, the experience in the team, says Yelverton Tegner, doctor and professor at Luleå University of Technology.

Pia Sundhage has been acclaimed as coaches worldwide and as coach of the Swedish national women's football, she has hand picked their employees. She is curious and interest in research is great.
- We always try to critically examine what we are doing, challenge ourselves and find new paths. We are science's biggest critic, says Yelverton Tegner.

Broad and deep knowledge

Behind women's team is a team of well merit employees in their area that handles players' training, injuries and diet.
One of them is the doctor Yelverton Tegner, professor of health sciences with specialization sports medicine at Luleå University of Technology. He is also a specialist in orthopedics, founder of medical house ermine, Lulea Hockey physician and known for Tegner scale used worldwide to evaluate among other knee injuries.
The doctor Mats Börjesson a PhD cardiologist and professor at the School of Sport and Health Sciences. He is a world authority when it comes to sports hearts.
Physiologist Helena Andersson has worked for many years together with Pia Sundhage is considered one of the world's most competent physiologists.

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Together with experienced practitioners, they have an experience and knowledge that is based both in science and in a proven knowledge. This means that the team is in the absolute forefront with an expertise in both depth and breadth.

At each training examines each player where they are looking at the load by an orthopedic, cardiac and physiological standpoint.
- As an athlete, you should not be healthy in two days, but two days ago. To be able to work with injuries and injury prevention must he an open mind and take all parameters into consideration, says Yelverton Tegner.

Pia Sundhage has an important role in getting the group to work together and attract the best out of players and officials. She has hand-picked the people she likes and feel they can trust. It gives the whole group a security.
- Sure, I feel a pride in being able to work with Pia. We have worked together for many years. She trusts us and making our ideas and then it will be easier to work and communicate.

Women's team is a role model

Yelverton Tegner think the Swedish national women's football is somewhat of a precursor for how research can improve the performance of the team.
- I can see how research takes up more space on the club level than before, which in a similar way goes through each player. But to have the depth and breadth of women's team has is unique.

Professor Yelverton Tegner has his sights set on winning this summer's European Championships and the team behind the national team has challenged themselves, trying to find the best solutions and premier training methods.
- The goal in any sport is to win, but few actually wins. You have to make the trip as best as possible and we have done everything in our power, but sometimes it is not enough because there is an element of an unpredictable factor that can strike.