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Liberiacooperation LTU
Healthcare in Liberia wishes to aquire Swedish knowledge of psychiatric care. Christer Kågström and Stefan Sävenstedt from LTU got insight into how the healthcare in Liberia is conducted when they visited Grant Hospital, a psychiatric hospital.

Cooperation with Liberia can provide knowledge of tropical diseases

Published: 14 October 2013

A better understanding of tropical diseases may be the result of a collaboration initiated between the Department of Health Sciences, Luleå University of Technology, and medical education in Liberia.
-It´s something that Swedish health care do not have much knowledge about, says Christer Kågström, teacher at the faculty of Health Sciences.

Already at the beginning of next year teachers in care training in Liberia is expectet to come to Luleå.
-They will see and learn how we work here and also describe its activities in Liberia. There will be health in a global perspective, says Christer Kågström.
Later the students from Liberia in West Africa will come to Luleå to participate in courses or course modules.
Students of nursing education at the university in  Luleå at the end of their training will get the chance to travel to Liberia.
-The purpose may be to collect data for their bachelor thesis by being involved in the daily work at a clinic or health center and make observations, says Christer Kågström.
Also students at the physiotherapist, occupational therapy and other ecucationprograms will probably be included in the exchange program.
Christer Kågström and Stefan Sävenstedt, assistant professor in the Department, visited the small country in West Africa in early October to make contacts for collaboration.
-Now it's about to feel for and identify each other's needs. What can we benefit from each other, what are our need and whar are theirs, says Christer Kågström.
From Liberian hold is requested knowledge and experience of psychiatric care and intensive care.
Swedish nursing education, in addition to gaining new knowledge about tropical diseases, also can get a reminder about the human impact through cooperation with Liberia.
-I think that they teach us to think about the simple things that are so important, to think about people, and not so much on machines, he says.
Cooperative project with Liberia funded by scholarships from Linneus-Palme, a program of international exchanges between teachers and students, and money from MFS, a program of field studies in developing countries.



Liberia is situated in West Africa. The country has about 3.5 million inhabitants. English is the official language.