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Lars Nyberg LTU
Already before Christmas can the name change have effect. The physiotherapist students who complete their education then can be the first to be examined as physiotherapists.

Distinguished professionals changes name

Published: 3 December 2013

A venerable profession changes its name - the swedish title "sjukgymnast" becomes physiotherapist.
The parlament is expected on December 16 to decide on the matter and tell when, for example, a degree in "sjukgymnastik" shall begin to be called physiotherapy degree.
-It may be that already for the students who go out at Christmas, says Lars Nyberg, professor of physical therapy at the Department of Health Sciences at Luleå University of Technology, LTU.

The reason for the name change is partly an adaptation to international conditions, and that the word physiotherapy is obsolete.

-It's a beautiful word, but also an old word that signals gymnastics for the sick. It does not capture what we are doing today, says Lars Nyberg.

-Physiotherapy, I am trying to get used to use that word, today is a therapeutic approach that deals with the human body and movement. It includes both what traditionally is associated with physical therapy but also has elements of, for example, ergonomics and health promotion, he says.

The new concepts of physiotherapy and physical therapy will be used in parallel with the "sjukgymnast" and "sjukgymnastik" for a long time.

-He who today is a "sjukgymnast" will be able to apply to receive call themselves a physiotherapist, but you do not do it. It's fine to continue to call themselves "sjukgymnast", says Lars Nyberg.

In the education system the change of name involves a major administrative challenge. Name of educational programs, courses and diplomas for example, must be changed.

-Here at the university we will possibly have to put in extra resources to deal with the issue, we have signaled the need, says Lars Nyberg.

Registered physiotherapists Federation, LSR, with approximately 12 000 members, changing January 1, 2014 to name Physiotherapist engines if Parliament decides as expected.

Fact: 200 years ago physiotherapy was created

Per Henrik Ling usually is called the father of physiotherapy. 200 years ago, in 1813, he created the Royal Gymnastic Central Institute (GCI) and began teaching in the so-called medikal gymnastics.

In Norrbotten, physical therapists has been educated for 30 years since the first training starade by Health University of Constance in 1983.

Research in physical therapy in Boden and later at Luleå University has since resulted in the publication of more than a hundred articles in international magazines of science.

The number of citations in international journals are approaching a thousand.