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Anja Stenman and Julia Engman Fahlén are presenting their research at the conference. Photo: Private

The students conference in Nursing

Published: 23 April 2013

Anja Stenman and Julia Engman Fahlén have since January this year been working on their thesis Living with COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The will together with 52 students present their thesis projects under The Nurse Programs conference in Nursing on April 26.

For Anja Stenman and Julia Engman Fahlén there were many suggestions about what they would write about in his thesis. They chose to end on Living with COPD, since the last thesis at LTU was written on the subject in 2006/07.
- It is an interesting topic to immerse ourselves within. The disease affects many parts of the person's life and it's something you have to keep in consideration as a nurse. These are important skills to have because the disease is increasing, says Anja Stenman.

The thesis is a literature review in which they have used scientific research from databases at LTU. To get the latest science, they limited the research to the years 2007-13.
- We have learned the scientific way of thinking, working systematically and consider the scientific degree. It is a new approach in which we also have to reflect on everything we do and take small steps at a time, says Julia Engman Fahlén.

In nursing, they have completed preparatory courses in science and research to understand the scientific workflow and find materials. They have also had seminars with deadlines, for example, projectplan and data analysis, where they received feedback of other students and mentors in their work. Julia thinks they got a good foundation and felt prepared for the work.

- This is an extensive work which has had a good flow. Moreover, it was more fun than what we expected. When you are finished and are satisfied with the results you forget that the work was challenging in some periods.

Now they look forward to the conference and think it will be fun to share the results of the thesis.
- We are a little nervous, but it will be fun to take part of the work of others, says Julia.
- We are satisfied with what we have achieved and the conference is a great way to reach out to many people. It will be a fun experience, continues Anja Stenman.

A conference is held each semester, and on the 26 of April are all nursing students in semester six presenting their theses. Invited to the conference are teachers, students, nurses, clinicians, researchers and teaching unit in the NLL.

- The aim of the conference is to teach students to discuss, communicate and demonstrate their knowledge in a specific field. They must also demonstrate that they have the latest knowledge about the needs of people in connection with the disease, says coordinator Malin Olsson.