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iPads helps students to better lifestyle

Published: 29 April 2013

Students can take their iPad or mobile to help feel better in school. Researchers Catrine Kostenius and Krister Hertting, Luleå University of Technology, develops, new ways to improve schoolchildren's health where iPads, mobiles and computers has a central role.

The project Arctic Children InNet involved eleven pilot schools and researchers from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia, a model of how students and teachers can use mobile technology and computers to actively influence students' physical and psychosocial health, is their goal.

Luleå researchers focusing on new technologies such as iPads, mobiles and Social media and the so-called empowerment, ie students take an active part in their lifestyle change. Combining new technologies, health promotion and learning is unique for LTU and Lulea researchers are at the forefront in the research field.

- Students are active, both in collecting the data via SMS and by encouraging friends to practice or eat right with their mobile phones, says Catrine Kostenius, project coordinator and researchers in the health promotion area.

Friends, parents, and mobile devices helps students to a better lifestyle. A brochure for parents includes tips on how they can support their choldren with the right food and so on.

What happens when iPads are introduced in the classroom is another track in the project. Krister Hertting, researchers in teaching and learning is leading the research. The observations in the classroom and interviews with students surveyed teachers 'and students' experiences of the use of  iPad.

- There is very little research on the use of tablets in school right now, says Krister Hertting. The research project can reveal new educational opportunities that may affect the role of the teacher.

The model that scientists developed in close collaboration with students, parents and teachers is now to be included in schools in all countries linked to the project.


Catrine Kostenius

Krister Hertting