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A microfluidic perspective on conventional in vitro transcranial direct current stimulation methods (2023)

Lu. H, Shaner. S, Otte. E, Asplund. M, Vlachos. A
Ingår i: Journal of Neuroscience Methods
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A Novel Approach to Determining the Alactic Time Span in Connection with Assessment of the Maximal Rate of Lactate Accumulation in Elite Track Cyclists (2023)

Dunst. A, Hesse. C, Feldmann. A, Holmberg. H
International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Vol. 18, nr. 2, s. 157-163
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A Novel Approach to the Determination of Time- and Fatigue-Dependent Efficiency during Maximal Cycling Sprints (2023)

Dunst. A, Hesse. C, Ueberschär. O, Holmberg. H
Sports, Vol. 11, nr. 2
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An Artist and a Writer: YA Literature by Anna Höglund (2023)

Palo. A, Nordenstam. A
Children's Literature in Education, Vol. 54, nr. 1, s. 110-130
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Beta-band MEG signal power changes in older adults after physical exercise program with and without additional cognitive training (2023)

Kujala. J, Maria Alexandrou. A, Lapinkero. H, Stigsdotter Neely. A, Sipilä. S, Parviainen. T
Brain and Cognition, Vol. 165
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Beyond Structure: Using the Rational Force Model to Assess Argumentative Writing (2023)

Backman. Y, Reznitskaya. A, Gardelli. V, Wilkinson. I
Written Communication
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Bioelectronic microfluidic wound healing: a platform for investigating direct current stimulation of injured cell collectives (2023)

Shaner. S, Savelyeva. A, Kvartuh. A, Jedrusik. N, Matter. L, Leal. J, et al.
Lab on a Chip
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Cryptography based on algebraic perpendicularities (2023)

Tossavainen. T
Mathematical Gazette, Vol. 107, nr. 568, s. 65-69
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DN Debatt: Sluta skjutsa barnen till skolan - hälsa går före rädsla (2023)

ten Berg. H, Klüft. C, Lindqvist. A, Nilsson. P, Niska. A, Rutberg. S, et al.
Dagens Nyheter. (DN), nr. 2023-02-18
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Does personality moderate the efficacy of physical and cognitive training interventions? A 12-month randomized controlled trial in older adults (2023)

Kekäläinen. T, Terracciano. A, Tirkkonen. A, Savikangas. T, Hänninen. T, Stigsdotter Neely. A, et al.
Personality and Individual Differences, Vol. 202
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Employing nanoparticle tracking analysis of salivary neuronal exosomes for early detection of neurodegenerative diseases (2023)

Sharma. V, Nikolajeff. F, Kumar. S
Translational Neurodegeneration, Vol. 12, nr. 1
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Experiences of a nature-based intervention program in a northern natural setting: A longitudinal case study of two women with stress-related illness (2023)

Johansson. G, Engström. Å, Juuso. P
International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, Vol. 18, nr. 1