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Article in journal

A Reusable Multiplayer Game for Promoting Active School Transport: Development Study (2022)

Laine. T, Duong. N, Lindvall. H, Oyelere. S, Rutberg. S, Lindqvist. A
JMIR Serious Games, Vol. 10, nr. 1
Article in journal

A Scientific Perspective on Reducing Ski-Snow Friction to Improve Performance in Olympic Cross-Country Skiing, the Biathlon and Nordic Combined (2022)

Almqvist. A, Pellegrini. B, Lintzén. N, Emami. N, Holmberg. H, Larsson. R
Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, Vol. 4
Article in journal

A Subdural Bioelectronic Implant to Record Electrical Activity from the Spinal Cord in Freely Moving Rats (2022)

Harland. B, Aqrawe. Z, Vomero. M, Boehler. C, Cheah. E, Raos. B, et al.
Advanced Science
Article in journal

Accelerometer derived physical activity patterns in 27.890 middle‐aged adults: The SCAPIS cohort study (2022)

Ekblom‐Bak. E, Börjesson. M, Bergman. F, Bergström. G, Almevall. A, Drake. I, et al.
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, Vol. 32, nr. 5, s. 866-880
Article, review/survey

Altered neural cell junctions and ion-channels leading to disrupted neuron communication in Parkinson’s disease (2022)

Choudhury. S, Bano. S, Sen. S, Suchal. K, Kumar. S, Nikolajeff. F, et al.
Part of: npj Parkinson's Disease
Conference paper

App-supported Philosophical Dialogues: Designs, challenges and Participants’ Experiences (2022)

Backman. Y, Gardelli. V, Parnes. P
Paper presented at : The 20th Biennial ICPIC Conference – Philosophy in and beyond the classroom: P4wC across Cultural, Social, and Political Differences
Article in journal

Association of Plasma Biomarker Levels With Their CSF Concentration and the Number and Severity of Concussions in Professional Athletes (2022)

Shahim. P, Zetterberg. H, Simren. J, Ashton. N, Norato. G, Schöll. M, et al.
Article in journal

Associations Between Physical and Executive Functions Among Community-Dwelling Older Men and Women (2022)

Tirkkonen. A, Kulmala. J, Hänninen. T, Törmäkangas. T, Stigsdotter Neely. A, Sipilä. S
Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, Vol. 30, nr. 2, s. 332-339
Article in journal

Bidirectional Within- and Between-Person Relations Between Physical Activity and Cognitive Function (2022)

Stenling. A, Eriksson Sörman. D, Lindwall. M, Machado. L
The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences, Vol. 77, nr. 4, s. 704-709