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Former student takes care of corona patients

Published: 8 April 2020

Åsa Carlsson has completed the training as intensive care nurse at Luleå University of Technology. Today she works at Sunderby Hospital. She quickly had to change when the corona virus created a pandemic.
– Now I work with Covid -19 patients full time. It is clear that you are affected, but we are used to working in many different situations, she says.

Being able to help and make efforts for people who are, or are at risk of becoming seriously ill, were some of the reasons why she chosed to become an Intensive Care Nurse. The work includes some emergency response activities, such as seriously injured patients or other types of interventions to departments outside the Intesive Care Department at Sunderby Hospital.


– Now we had to change tour work because of the pandemic and a Covid Department has been built up at Piteå hospital, so I go there now and then. We have crossed borders and work with new people, we get to know new people, Åsa Carlsson says.

Demanding studies

She has completed her training as an intensive care nurse at Luleå University of Technology.
– Since it was distance studies, I was able to get the studies together with life in general. I had heard that the specialist training of nurses has a high quality. The training was good and demanding. I have never regretted my choice. And now our skills are more in demanded than ever, she says.

Åsa Carlsson says that during her studies she made friends that are still of great importance to her. A classmate from Märsta, who lived with her during the weeks on campus she still have close contact with.

– Being an intensive care nurse provides a broad area of ​​work. At the same time, there are opportunities to specialize in a variety of areas, such as Medical Technology and especially ultrasound, which I am interested in, says Åsa Carlsson.


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