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Nursing after intensive care is worrying nurses

Published: 25 June 2020

When patients are transferred from the intensive care unit to the care unit, the staff who receive them feel anxious about inadequate knowledge. This is shown in the degree project by Emma Lundbäck and Edvin Lundmark. For this they received the award for best degree work at the programme in nursing at Luleå University of Technology.
– It feels great fun, they say.

They have worked in the intensive care unit as an assistant nurse before and this aroused their interest in the subject.
The title of the examination work is Nurses' attitudes and experiences of caring for patients who have recently been cared for in an intensive care unit. Emma Lundbäck and Edvin Lundmark have searched and reviewed 17 scientific articles from Sweden but also other countries.
– Patients are transferred earlier today from the intensive care unit to the care department. Our study shows that the staff who receive them feel that they would need more education to take care of these patients, Edvin Lundmark, says.

Feeling of inadequacy

There was also a need to have access to equipment that is not normally found in a health care department.
– It was exciting to see that the experiences were similar in many countries. In some places there are departments with more advanced care than in the usual care department, but not as advanced as in the intensive care and it seemed to work well, says Emma Lundbäck.

They could see that there is a great deal of concern and a feeling of inadequacy among the staff, of not having the skills or access to equipment to be able to perform the care properly.
As suggestions for improvement, they provide information transfer between the staff at teh intensive care and those at the care department, using a standardized communication tool, with established points, visits to the intesive care department before the patient is transferred, but also the development of more advanced care departments, so-called intermediate departments.

Was surprised

The motivation for the award states that "The degree project is current, well-written, independently conducted, critically reflective and holds a very good scientific level".
– That our work would be relevant with covid-19 we had no idea, we planned this work before the pandemic broke out., Emma Lundbäck says.
She and Edvin Lundmark say they were surprised by the price. In addition to the nomination, they receive SEK 1,000 each.
– And we are happy, we struggled pretty hard with it, they say.
After graduation, Emma Lundbäck works in the cardiac department and Edvin Lundmark in the surgery department at Sunderby hospital.