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Josefin Norberg LTU
Josefin Norberg has a nose for improvements in healthcare. During her clinical training at a nursing home she identified three problem areas.

Praised because she saw problems (which can be solved)

Published: 21 May 2014

Josefin Norberg, a student at the nursing program has received an award because she found areas of care that can be improved.
The idea behind the award is to encourage the development of services and products that may be viable in the commercial market.

- She received the award for having the ability to find problems, says Katarina Virtoft, commercialization Ambassador to the Department of Health.

All students in the nursing program were before their clinical placement (internship) in the fourth semester instructed to look for problems.

Risks or wastage

It could be about the risks to staff or patients, or practices which waste of resources.

Josefin did internship at a nursing home in Piteå Municipality in April. She identified three problems and sent their findings to the commercialization ambassador.

What this is about is secret so far.

The price Josefin got most of a symbolic nature, a lunch voucher at the restaurant Unique on the university campus. But Josephine was happy about the price.

Find solutions

Now, the problem areas she pointed to studies by Johan Bergström, LTU Business Development.

Eventually, Josefin then have the opportunity to seek solutions to "their" problem.

- It would be exciting. Some thoughts I have probably about what can be done, she says.