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X-ray Nursing LTU

Education to radiation nurse evaluated by UKA

Published: 29 January 2014

The education to become radiaton nurse at the Department of Health, LTU, has been evaluated by the University Chancellor Board (UKA).The education in radiography (Bachelor) are high quality and provides high achievement in all degree objectives, according to the evaluation.

Regarding the educationprogram practice may be reviewed high or very high quality for five of the six degree objectives evaluated.

For an examination goals are inadequate compliance rate. The objective that students will be able to connect the scientific basis of professional practice in a sufficiently clear manner.

Work to ensure quality in this area has already begun.

-During the work carried out by self-assessment for the evaluation, we have identified this and begun the process of improvement, says John Kruse, education leaders.

-We see from the program management very positive evaluation which allowed us to thoroughly illuminate the education and continue to work with the high quality at all levels and increase it further, he says.

Peter Michaelsson, head program director at the Department of Health, notes that UKÄ essentially gives education a lot of good reviews.

-It's very satisfying to see that bachelor's degree in radiography is of high quality and that the overall assessment is that the Radiology Nursing is high, and at times very high quality, he says.