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All participants from the Norrbotten County Council, Department of Nursing and Luleå. Photo: Åsa Engström.

Theme Day for the development and consensus

Published: 13 October 2014

Department of Nursing have this year a record number of adjunct clinical instructors. To get a consensus and discuss common issues a workshop has been organized at the university.
– It is the first time we gathered all together, and we are already planning a follow-up in the spring, says Åsa Engström, Department of Nursing.

An adjunct clinical instructor, AKA, is a teacher employed by the University on a part of their services and is still a working nurse. They work around the county and are linked to various courses that are clinically based. In early October, a workshop was organized in order to get a consensus on assessments, coaching, training arrangements and discuss educational issues. Today there are 15 adjunct clinical instructures employed, in which 14 are have their base employment in Norrbotten County Council, NLL, and one in Luleå.
– We have hired more adjunct clinical instructures in more areas and in a few years the number has more than tripled. We want to continue our work on the development process and we need more adjunct clinical instructures in the community and also in primary care. It is for us to maintain the quality of their clinical training, says Åsa Engström.

The next step is to obtain adjunct clinical lecturers involved in education. They are teachers with PhD:s and are working out in the field. It is another step in assuring the quality of assessments and overall responsibility.

An important part of the day was the group discussions where they had the chance to discuss among others about difficult situations and how the quality can be improved. They also discuss upcoming events content, where there were requests for inspiration lecturer.
– The day was an important step to strengthen the contact between the Department of Nursing and the clinical instructors. It is part of the development of the workingbased education for nurses and specialist nurses, says Christina Aasa Bygdell, education strategist at NLL.