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Foto invigning ny akademi
Maria Larsson-Lund, Professor of Occupational Therapy, Karin Zingmark, Adjunct Professor of Nursing, Åsa Engström, Professor of Nursing, Stina Rutberg, Education Leader of the Graduate Program, Lars Nyberg, Professor of Physical Therapy and Mascha Pauelsen, Doctoral Representative of the Academy of the Future. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Academy of Health of the Future

The purpose of the Academy for the Future of Health is to strengthen the quality of the department's postgraduate education through a larger coherent postgraduate education environment that is common to all doctoral students in the health field.

The structure of the research environment includes subject-based learning activities with a comprehensive health perspective, methodology and ethics in the form of recurring courses and seminar activities. The specific subject depth is in the individual research subjects. The work is conducted in close cooperation with the Norrbotten Region and the municipalities of Norrbotten.

The steering group consists of subject representatives from all research subjects within Health sector, doctoral representative within health sector, head of department HLT and leader of the Academia and representatives from Region Norrbotten and Norrbotten's municipalities.