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Areas of excellence in research and innovation

Research within the Department of Health Sciences is included in several of the following research areas.

Möjliggörande ikt
Enabling ICT

Enabling ICT has a broad base in LTU's research resources within the information and communication field. Together, we drive the development of new ICT-based knowledge and applications in the areas of e-health, smart regions, data centers and cloud services.

Gränsöverskridande konst
Innovative art and science

Art can evoke emotions and touch us – make us ask questions, create well-being, or provoke.Art can also help us to communicate experiences and information.When art meets technology, the creativity that exists within each area can together provide new opportunities to solve complex problems.

Attraktivt samhällsbyggande
Attractive built environment

We are shaping attractive built environment for the support of sustainable living in cold climate through challenge-driven research of excellence and development of innovative and holistic systems and artefacts.

Effektiv innovation och organisation
Effective innovation and organisation

One of the major challenges is to shape a society that can quickly adapt to a dynamic and increasingly globalized and knowledge-driven environment by stimulating and contributing to effective innovations both of a technical and organizational nature.

Smarta maskiner och material
Smart machines and materials

Machines of the future must become more efficient, easier, smarter, safer and have a minimal impact on the climate, nature and man.They must also become more efficient and lighter in order to reduce energy consumption, cost and the use of resources.Machines have to be smarter and safer, in order to offer more flexibility, more autonomy and less risk of injury.