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Hand grip strength is associated with fatigue among men with COPD (2020)

epidemiological data from northern Sweden
Strandkvist. V, Andersson. M, Backman. H, Larsson. A, Stridsman. C, Lindberg. A
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, Vol. 36, nr. 3, s. 408-416
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Patient Satisfaction With Telephone Nursing (2020)

A Call for Calm, Clarity, and Competence
Gustafsson. S, Wälivaara. B, Gabrielsson. S
Journal of Nursing Care Quality, Vol. 35, nr. 1, s. E6-E11
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Trauma patients' health-related quality of life and perceptions of care (2020)

A longitudinal study based on data from the Swedish Trauma Registry
Sandström. L, Engström. Å, Nilsson. C, Juuso. P, Forsberg. A
International Emergency Nursing

A method to give voice to young people with experience of mental ill-health (2019)

Lindgren. E, Gabrielsson. S, Kostenius. C
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Acute Effects of Electronic Cigarette Inhalation on the Vasculature and the Conducting Airways (2019)

Antoniewicz. L, Brynedal. A, Hedman. L, Lundbäck. M, Bosson. J
Cardiovascular Toxicology, Vol. 19, nr. 5, s. 441-450
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Ambulance nurses' experiences of deciding a patient does not require ambulance care (2019)

Backman. T, Juuso. P, Borg. R, Engström. Å
Nursing Open, Vol. 6, nr. 3, s. 783-789
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Asthma control and acute health care visits among young adults with asthma (2019)

A population‐based study
Selberg. S, Hedman. L, Jansson. S, Backman. H, Stridsman. C
Journal of Advanced Nursing, Vol. 75, nr. 12, s. 3525-3534
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Communicative and organizational aspects of clinical ethics support (2019)

Grönlund. C, Söderberg. A, Dahlqvist. V, Sandlund. M, Zingmark. K
Journal of Interprofessional Care, Vol. 33, nr. 6, s. 724-733
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Difficult airways (2019)

key factors for sucessful management
Dabija. M, Fedog. F, Engström. Å, Gustafsson. S
Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing, Vol. 34, nr. 1, s. 151-159
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Ett personligt ansvar för god och säker vård (2019)

Gabrielsson. S, Ejneborn-Looi. G
Ingår i: Vårdande vid psykisk ohälsa