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More international exchange

Published: 15 October 2019

Teachers in Occupational Therapy from various universities in Europe have visited Luleå University of Technology to discuss an extension of international collaboration.
– The representatives come from five different countries, says Maria Prellwitz, associated professor of Occupational Therapy, and international coordinator at the Department of Health Sciences.

In an Erasmus project called Copilot, teachers will work for more than two years with a development towards common elements in courses each semester.

– Students in Occupational Therapy courses in the different countries should be able to collaborate online, it will be an internationalization at home. It can be a bigger or smaller tasks, says Maria Prellwitz.

For example, students can do investigation on how to work with children who have Cerebral Pasy in their own country and then write a report together with students in other countries about similarities and differences. The idea is that some tasks become mandatory, others become optional. Teachers from Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland are involved in the project.

– Switzerland participates through special funding, as they are not part of the EU.

The goal is to create a comprehensive model that can be used anywhere for international collaboration in teaching.

– We will do web courses and study guides, says Maria Prellwitz.

During the course of the project, the teachers themselves will educate in the digital sphere and create a Youtube channel, among other things.The overall aim is to increase the students' intercultural awareness.

– Creating an increased understanding of other cultures. This is important in today's global society, says Maria Prellwitz.

Elisabeth Url, from Austria and Ulla Pott, from the Netherlands agree if it is good to meet.

– We are developing our involvement in the international work and learning a lot from Maria Prellwitz, says Elisabeth Url.

Ulla Pott notes that the students are interested in international degrees. Elisabeth Fattinger, from Austria, is responsible for the Copilot program. She hopes that it will be possible to extend the cooperation even further in the future.

– I want students to gain experience in studying in another country, for example doing an internship in another country for three months and having theoretical education for one month, she says.


Maria Prellwitz

Maria Prellwitz, Associate Professor, International Coordinator

Phone: +46 (0)920 493861
Organisation: Occupational therapy, Health, Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Health, Education and Technology