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Running test on a steep ramp measures the importance of the shoe

Published: 9 December 2019

The runners quickly run down the ramp, which at one end is raised five meters in the air. Here is a test to identify injuries when running on steep terrain.
– We are doing a Pilot Study to investigate various movement behaviors such as foot pressure, joint movements and muscle activity, says Ulrik Röijezon, associate professor of Physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology.

It is in a laboratory at Luleå University of Technology that the ramp has been built up. Sensors are attached to each runner that measure the movement behavior.

The stone material on the ramp is in gneiss to mimic conditions in Sweden. The purpose is to investigate how running on steep slopes affects the body and the significance of the design of shoes and soles.

– Long races in nature, which include steep slopes, are becoming increasingly popular, says Ulrik Röijezon.

The test is a part of a Pilot Study, which is intended to form the basis of a more comprehensive research study.

– We are now investigating running in with different types of shoes and slope on the ramp, says Ulrik Röijezon.

Ulrik Röijezon

Ulrik Röijezon, Professor

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Organisation: Physiotherapy, Health, Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Health, Education and Technology