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A Nobel Day with a focus on health science

Published: 11 December 2017

A special Nobel Day was organized by the Department of Health Sciences 8 December, to highlight current research and science in health sciences. During the day, that brought great interest in university health research, research were presented, focusing on doctoral projects. Another appreciated feature was visiting the institution's various labs.

– This day has exceeded all expectations. This is the first time we do this and we have had a lot of energy and effort to fix this. I hope we can do it more times together, said Gunilla Isaksson, Head of the Department of Health Sciences.

Interesting research presentations

Doctoral projects, that were presented, were among others,  treatment for people with long-term pain, a second myocardial infarction, premedication to children, participation in the life of older couples who use short-term care and to suffer from trauma. A highly appreciated feature was the institutional laboratory activity shown. In one of the labs, visitors participated in trying to make cardiovascular and pulmonary resuscitation using cardiac arrestors, via mobile instruction, a difficult task that required great sensitivity under severe pressure, even though it was a fictional situation. It was an appreciated day.

– I am a PhD student and this day is a chance for me to present my research," said Ingela Jobe, who gave a presentation on healthcare planning.

Great interest in university health research

There was also information given about, the cooperation agreement signed in August this year, between Luleå University of Technology and the municipalities of Norrbotten, with the aim of better managing the generation change in the labor market and the aging population in Norrbotten. Karin Jones, Director of Development for the Region of Norrbotten, recalled the need for care, due to the aging population, while fewer people can take care of care needy people. Luleå University of Technology and the municipalities of Norrbotten want to increase their strategic and long-term collaboration in competence development, health and care, digitization, education and research, as well as development and innovation. Norrbottens Kommuner emphasized the importance of the agreement for the future of Norrbotten.

– We have just begun to meet each other and we have huge hopes from the municipalities. The issue of competence supply is driving in all municipalities in Norrbotten. It is extremely important that we can see each other's perspective when new test beds and innovations are to be made. We need trust and understanding between all organizations. The issue of competence supply is driving in all municipalities in Norrbotten, said Kajsa Myrberg, Director of Norrbotten municipalities.

Focus on science

The Nobel Day ended with a nice Friday dinner together.
– For a few years, we have wanted to organize a whole day where we present our research and now we have made a blow on the matter. We think it's important to have it in connection with the Nobel Day because it's a day of focus on science, says Åsa Engström, professor of nursing at Luleå University of Technology and member of the Health Sciences Nobel Committee.

Voices about the Nobel Day

Photo: Sofia Stridsman

– I have presented my own research, but I am also here for the collaboration. These kind of meetings are incredibly rewarding. It can be lonely to be a PhD student and do clinical studies, so it means a lot to build networks with other PhD students, says Åsa Bromfalk, nurse at Sunderby Hospital’s Department of Anesthesia and Operation, and PhD student at Umeå University.

Photo: Katarina Karlsson

– It is great to make visible visible in health science in this way, and especially in collaboration between Luleå University of Technology, Norrbotten County and Norrbotten municipalities," said Lotta Kassberg, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy at Luleå University of Technology and Occupational Therapist, Region Norrbotten.

Åsa Engström

Åsa Engström, Professor and Head of Subject

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