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teacher exchange LTU
Teacher exchange between the University of Luleå and Amity University in India has been going on for seven years. Dr.. Pankaj Kumar Malik, lecturer in physiotherapy at the Indian university makes his first visit to Luleå for a few weeks in May. Anita Melander-Wikman, lecturer in physiotherapy at Luleå University of Technology, included lectures on e-health when she visited India.

Swedish e-health spread to India

Published: 15 May 2014

Knowledge of rehabilitation and medical care with the help of IT technology, so-called eHealth, developed at Luleå University is spread to India.
It takes place in the context of a multi-year teacher exchange with Amity University in India.
- It may be that we are starting a project with e-health in some form, says Dr. Pankaj Kumar Malik, lecturer in physiotherapy at the Indian university.

Together with Dr. Milan Anand, lecturer at the Amity University he is visiting him right now the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Lulea.

They are among other things holding lectures for students at the institution's programs.

Pankaj Kumar Malik specializes in so-called community-based rehabilitation (CBR), which is focused on improving the quality of life for the disabled and their families.

Have few resources

– It is a type of rehabilitation that is common in developing countries, and which is not dependent of hospital, he says.

– We have limited resources, so I think that e-health can be interesting for us.

Teacher exchange between Luleå University and Amity University has been going on for seven years with funding from the exchange program Linneus Palme.

One of the teachers who visited the Indian university is Anita Melander-Wikman, lecturer in physiotherapy.

– I have included lectures on e-health when I was there, she says.

Student next step

The purpose of the exchanges is to learn from each other and share experiences that can be stimulating for both parties, in terms of both teaching and research.

The idea is that the exchange between universities in the future shall be extended to cover students.

– It is important for us to have cooperation with a respected international university that we can trust and who can accept students from us, says Anita Melander-Wikman.

– First, today's students ask themselves when looking at an education is whether it is possible to do part of their studies abroad, she says.