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Tonmy Sarkar, Suman Dahiya, Samar Dahiya and Aparna Sarkar from New Delhi visiting Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Erica Long

Exchange continues with India

Published: 23 October 2014

This week the Department of Health Sciences was visited by Dr Aparna Sarkar and Dr Suman Dahiya from Amity University, New Delhi. The purpose is to evaluate teacher exchanges and look at opportunities for student exchange.

The teacher exchange with Amity University has, in several different projects, been going on since 2009. Teachers from physiotherapy program have several times visited the University in New Delhi and vice versa.
– The goal is that all employees within our faculty will make a visit to Luleå University of Technology. The University has a good reputation and the employees are down to earth, says Assistant Professor Aparna Sarkar.

There is a family atmosphere when Dr Aparna Sarkar and Dr Suman Dahiya step into the coffe room with her sons. They have already met many employees on physiotherapy program.

– It's great that many of our applications to the Linnaeus-Palme havs been accepted. This means that they believe that our cooperation is valuable, says Anita Melander Wikman, Associate professor of physical therapy.

Linnaeus-Palme program stimulate long-term collaboration between universities in Sweden and developing countries. This cooperation takes place in the form of projects, based on teacher and student exchanges. The aim is to enhance the quality of higher education through the integration of global perspectives in learning.

For six days they will evaluate the collaboration on the teacher exchange programmes and explore possibilities for student exchange.
– Amity University is a very international university and it is something we can learn from them. In India, they are also far ahead in terms of technology, while we have a lot of knowledge within e-health and care of the elderly, so here we have an area we can cooperate, says Anita Melander Wikman.

Nice atmosphere in the break room with visitors from New Delhi, and a teacher at the physiotherapy program.