Catrine Kostenius the conference on existential health

Debate: Existential issues for better health

Published: 28 November 2012

A holistic health definition is to strive for in all work involving people. It says Catrine Kostenius, assistant professor in the Department of Health Science. She has participated in the first conference on Existential Health in Stockholm and she has also written an article on the same subject.

In some parts of the health dimension, there is a lot of knowledge and understanding about physical, mental and social well-being. However, existential questions, such as what is important in life, what makes life worth living and how does dreams of a good life in the future look like, not as obvious in the medical and health work.

The 19th of November participated Catrine Kostenius, as the northernmost graduate representative, in the conference Existential health. Researchers and practitioners from across the country gathered to discuss the importance of linking existential questions to public health.
- It was a long awaited conference. There were 80 participant places and they were filled within two weeks. The waiting list was long and it proves that there is a great interest in these issues, which is encouraging, says Catrine Kostenius, who is also included in the working group for next year's conference.

To highlight the issue further, she along with other researchers and practitioners, have written the debate article Hopes for a more hopeful care, which addresses the importance of the existential health dimension of health care.