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Unique lab creates collaborations between art, technology and health.

Published: 22 November 2012

Thanks to the Kempe Foundation, a Human Health and Performance lab is to be developed at Luleå University of Technology. The Laboratory creates opportunities for interdisciplinary research in art and technology.

Human Health & Performance Lab (HHPL) is a further development of the existing laboratory for  biochemical and pharmacological activities. With the contribution of 1100 000SEK from the Kempe Foundation the laboratories will expand with equipment for motion control. Within half a year HHPL will be in place.

- Research that is now possible concerns at least three of LUT's focus areas. We can merge technology with music and dance, IKT has greater place and we have new opportunities for developing smart materials, says Ulrik Röijezon

Meeting between art, technology and health

One of the collaborations within LUT who directly benefit from the development of a HHPL is the ongoing line of research on musculoskeletal disorders and movement control in musicians. The project is driven by a 2-year postdoctoral grant from FAS and includes cooperation between HLV and KKL, and several national and international partners.

Also choreographer and researcher Åsa Unander-Scharin  who works at KKL with a projects concerning dancing and singing robots, which has been carried out with the help of hired equipment for motion analysis.

- I can imagine that the equipment will also bring thoughts on more operating analytical research, particularly in the subject of dance. Even teachers in dance and music can be interested in a laboratory in which we will be able to investigate motor control and learning, says Ulrik Röijezon


In the future, Ulrik Röijezon is planning to initiate pilot studies with musicians and music students to develop research methods that could eventually become full-scale studies of students, teachers and professional musicians.

- One of our visions is that the lab can be used in teaching. Researchers and teachers can do more practical exercises in their teaching and the students get the chance to make quantitative data collection in their project at different levels.

For the laboratory to be complete, additional funds requested from LUT's Labfond. A decision is expected shortly.