Carina has now a PhD in Nursing

Published: 20 June 2012

In the middle of June, PhD Carina Nilsson. She has studied how information and communication technology, ICT, are used as tools in the contact between people who cared for at home with severe chronic illness and district nurses. - It is great honor and great to be in goal.

Both people with serious chronic illness and district nurses' experiences and attitudes were studied when they communicated with each other via a communication platform.
- If people with chronic diseases, have a sense of control seems to imply a meaning in everyday life. It is important to create a control where they receive the support and help they need. As a result, they experience themselves as independent and to be independent is important in the middle of his great need for help, says Carina Nilsson.

Freedom of everyday life

Carina had not expected that the use of ICT would provide a sense of independence and freedom in everyday life.
- The possibility of being able to contact the district nurse in a simple manner, a security and a chance to drop an idea and instead be able to do something else. At the same time they had more direct contact with each other. A district nurse noticed for instance that one of her patients had an incredible sense of humor.

She stresses that the traditional physical meetings are not replaced, but ICT is a tool for communication.

- A conclusion is the importance of individual care and that care is customized with the help and support after the patient's expressed needs.

Full of adrenaline

The Delta Hall was full when Carin disputed. It was open to the public and friends, colleagues and people from the county was there to listen. After the ceremony and the 3.5 hour-long hearing was Carina happy, but exhausted.
- It's a special feeling. I was pretty bruised afterwards and still have some adrenaline in my body, says Carina a few days after the defense.

Support from supervisors

The last few years, she taught at halftime, and researched on the other half. Taking care of two tasks in parallel requires discipline she says. The supervisors have been important to support her and to lead her along the way.
Five studies are included in the thesis, three are publicerade and two are submitted to international journals.

Now she as considereds an independent researcher she would like to continue doing research.
- As a district nurse, I am interested in home care and how ICT can enhance everyday life. It is curiosity that drives me and the opportunity to be involved in developing nursing care.