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Orjan is the winner of LTU:s Educational price

Published: 25 October 2012

Örjan Lestander is recognized for his work with the construction of full-scale simulations mainly in the nursing program. He receives the award at the Universitys academic celebration on November 10.

- It feels really great that LTU highlights the full-scale simulation. All major universities are doing it and it feels really good to implement simulation into our programs. There is a good way to use real-world situations in the education, says Orjan Lestander, Lecturer at the Department of Health Science and also works at Medicin Science.

In the nomination Örjans good ability to combine clinical experience with the role of a teacher in an academic environment where knowledge and ability to be based on scientific grounds was lifted. Specially mentions also Örjans important contribution to increasing the quality of education by his colleagues at the department develop and implement full-scale simulations in the education.

Investigating learning in simulation
A research topic is starting up with the title "Full-scale simulation in health sciences education - learning process." The aim is to examine the factors that contribute to student learning and development when implementing a systematic process of reflection are introduced in the simulation. Another part is to find out if there is support for full-scale simulations of a medical nature are important for patient safety.

Simulation increases motivation
Örjan has previously written a literature review on full-scale simulation. The literature is written for undergraduate students in which he looked at what simulation means for nursing students.
- Knowledge levels are increasing due to the simulation. They also receive an increased motivation in learning. It would be useful for the students to read it, it gives a deeper understanding of why we simulate says Orjan.

LTU reward teachers
LTU rewaeds each year two pedagogical prizes to reward teachers for high class actions for the benefit of education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In the process of quality improvement of programs and courses to LTU reward teachers in an exemplary manner conducive to good education, good learning environment and the quality of learning. The price is equivalent to a base amount of 44,900 dollars and paid for the cost of training. The decision has been taken in agreement with the president of the Board of joint discussion meeting. Anita Enmark, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Systems and Space Technology is also winner of LTU's Educational price 2012th

The justification for Örjans price:
Lecturer Orjan Lestander teach mainly on nursing programs and has been instrumental in building avfullskalesimuleringar in education. These simulators give students the opportunity to systematically train skills and interpersonal skills before they encounter patients. Orjan contribute through their knowledge and their commitment to creating a realistic learning environment that encourages students to use their knowledge and to develop the abilities, skills and attitudes that are essential for a patient safe healthcare.