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Carina Nilsson and Katarina Mikalesson, Foto: Stig Lindberg

Academic festival 2012

Published: 21 November 2012

At the university's academic festival celebrated November 10, 2012 conferred Katarina Mikaelsson and Carina Nilsson, Department of Health Sciences.

Katarina Mikaelsson conferred for his Ph.D. in physiotherapy.
The thesis is about physical activity, inactivity and capacity of secondary school. The results show that boys are training harder unlike girls who are more detailed so-called low-intensity exercise.

Carina Nilsson was conferred for his Ph.D. in the subject nursing.
The thesis is about the use of information and communication technology that aids in communication between middle-aged people with serious chronic illness and district nurses in home care. The result shows that technology can be a valuable tool in their communication with each other, but this requires technical solutions based on users' individual needs.

Katarina and Carina agree that the ceremony was a fine finish and the memory of their doctoral studies.
-It was a grand ceremony with a nice subsequent banquet, says Katarina and Carina concludes.