Strong areas of health research at the university

Published: 4 April 2012

Research Council was commissioned by the government surveyed and evaluated the Swedish health care research and rated it. Luleå University of Technology will then review - International Recognized in research fields of nursing and physiotherapy, a rating that is highly valued by managers in health care research at the university.

- Given that health care research at the university conducted for 12 years, it is an incredibly good results. It is a good base for continued success of health care research at the university, says Kerstin Öhrling, a professor in the Department of Health.

Areas of Excellence

In health research was rated nursing and physical therapy as Areas of Excellence.

In nursing, it was research that is about to live with the disease from an insider perspective that was mentioned as the strongest, where people's subjective experience when illness was lifted.
- I feel incredibly positive to review where our research judged to be strong and get international recognition. We are incredibly motivated to invest additional effort in becoming even better, says Siv Söderberg, professor and subject representation in nursing.

The strength in the physiotherapy research mentioned falls in the elderly and the ability to find ways to reduce falls, which is a big problem. To advance in the field are tied also techniques to forskningen.Även E-health is highlighted as a strong and well established research area and is part of the long-term research strategy with the potential to grow larger and stakare.
- The challenge will be what happens in the future, but this is proof that we do well and we are very happy, says Lars Nyberg, Professor and Head of Department of Physical Therapy.

Extensive collaboration

The goal of health research at Luleå University of Technology is to develop knowledge that is important to promote health and wellbeing. Research covers nine different areas of occupational therapy, nursing, physical therapy, medical technology and development of materials.

Nursing Research at the university based on an extensive collaboration with counties and municipalities within the region and with other universities, both nationally and internationally.

Clear strategy

The Research Council's report were also a focus at the university's approach to building a foundation of strong research programs in health care research and the regional perspective. A clear strategy for the research had a strong focus in assessing the relevance of the research. The technical profile is utilized and the university also shows an impressive breadth and quality in other areas. The university's researchers are involved in education is considered as positive.

LTU stands out

Luleå University of Technology is different from the other universities through the company was established in connection with a number of research and economic benefits associated with certain treatments have been demonstrated.

The report also highlights that the University has realized the importance of collaboration between scientists and society, and international collaborations.