Sharp increase in applicants for Diagnostic Radiology Nursing

Published: 23 October 2013

The number of applicants to be radiology nurse at the Luleå University of Technology is increasing rapidly.
-It is an exceptional increase, nearly a doubling, said Peter Michaelsson, head program director of the Department of Health.

Also on the education to be nurse and to the physiotherapy program, as to the independent courses are application pressure high.
-It's great that we are an interesting actor that the students want to put their education at. It is an acknowledgment to us that we have high figures, said Peter Michaelsson.
Having the education on distance may explain that radiology nurse has extremely many applicants.
-It's just we that have that and it might attract more students, says Peter Michaelsson.
He believes that knowledge of health education in Luleå has increased and that may be a reason why many are looking for them.
-It could be a spillover effect by the students. We have begun to be established. We have students out in Sweden on the practice and it may be that people have heard about us and that the students speak well of us, he says.

Facts about the applications:
To become radiology nurse, starting  in the spring, totally 686 students applied for the place, 185 as first choice.
Physiotherapy program has attracted 714 applicants, 105 first choice.
The nursing program has 1,210 applicants, 326 as first choice.
Separate Courses Work and stress has the most applications, 800, 420 as first choice.
Other courses with many applicants is Motivational Interviewing (378 each, 281), Psychiatry and addiction treatment (367, 206) and General Pharmacology (326, 205).