Rolf nominated for Teacher of the Year

Published: 16 May 2013

The Student Union nominates every year a few teachers. This year was Health Sciences´ teacher Rolf Lantto one of four appointed.
- It feels great, especially since it is the students who nominated me.

Rolf Lantto belongs to the Medicins science department and teaches on the occupational therapy program, nursing and physiotherapy program in basic anatomy, physiology, and radiology.

Yesterday came the news that he was not chosen as the Teacher of the Year, but fell at the finish line. But Rolf is still very happy.
- For me it is like to have been nominated for Jerring Prize which is the people's choise. It's really great because the students have selected me among LTU's 1,600 teachers.

Student motivation:
"Rolf Lantto should win because he really cares about his students and does more than most other teachers to help us. He responds with joy on issues we do not understand and if he can not answer he'll find the answer. After the lectures he often adds up study questions so that you can see for yourself what you can and learn what you can not. On the first exam we had, he came down to us in the exam room to wish us good luck and there's never any other teacher done before. After we had him for a semester, he had written a poem which he read out to the class, which was greeted by a standing ovation.
Apart from that he is a good teacher, he is also a genuinely kind and caring person. "