Niklas Lehto is the convener of the recruitment group. He is very pleased with the great interest in the new professorship.

Great interest in new professorship in medical technology

Published: 10 December 2013

Five people have applied for the newly created position of Professor and Head of Department of Medical Technology in Health Care.
-We are satisfied that the interest is so great, says Niklas Lehto, head of the Department of Health and convener of the university;s recruitment group.

-One is internal applicant, four are external, he says.

Recruitment began last fall. Now, the recruitment group, shall find external reviewers to evaluate the candidate's skills and give an opinion about them.

A decision on who will be recruited will be made later by the employment committee at the university.

Earliest in the summer of 2014 the new professor is expected to be in place at the Department of Health.

The research topic of medical technology for health care belonged a few years ago to the Department of System and Space Engineering.

When the then professor and subject representative of the subject left the service a new professor was not installed and the research topic has been dormant.

During the late spring of 2013 it was moved over to the Department of Health. The subject still belong to the technical faculty.

-When a Professor / Head of Department recruited, the idea is that the subject will grow. A lecturer and PhD students will be employed in order to initiate the research, says Niklas Lehto.