Published: 10 June 2014


Moving carousel is over. And the Department of Health has received fresher space than ever in the rebuilt and refurbished D-building.
- I want to thank you for being open to new solutions and been as cooperative under these partially tough years. Personally, I have moved six times, but there are those who got to do it more often, said Mai Lindstrom, head of department, at a gathering with departmental employees in Gallery Aurora on Monday, June 9.

She praised the staff for the speaking opportunities when D building would be renovated, for example, when it came to creating new facilities and economical lab and training environments for the students.

- It has been a long process and we have learned a lot, especially on systematic work, said Mai Lindstrom.

"Smart of you"

- It was smart of you to build on while we were on cleaning up the house, it was great to take the chance, not least for the economy's sake, said Staffan Wallin, Project Manager, Academic houses.

There is still some work before the renovation is complete, but most of it is done.

During a tour of the D-building, staff were given a closer look at fitness centers and labs on the ground floor, such as ambulance (purchased on the block for 1500 dollars), an ultra-modern control room simulation, pharmacy, lab, anatomy lab, and the high-tech motion lab.

Been inspiring

- It has been a long and bumpy journey. But it's been inspiring to be part of creating the future of space to our students, said Orjan Lestander, including working with the simulation.

- Someone up there has seen us. Seven Sorrows and four woes led to something positive, said Ulrik Röijezon, proud director of the motion lab.

During a dinner in the evening performed Toyne Ringwald, administrators at University house in Luleå, a thank you to the department staff for their cooperation.

He did this by singing Moving Show to HLV, a show whose text Toyne himself written to the melody from the Show on the wind fields of Mats Paulsson.