Cecilia Nystrom is intensive care nurse at Sunderby hospital. Part-time, she also works with the training of specialist nurses at the Department of Health.

AKA teachers a bridge to clinical care

Published: 11 February 2014

One day in the service at at the hospital, the next day at the university to teach specialist nursing students. Some fifteen professional nurses are part-time related to health education at the university as adjunct clinical instructors (Akor).

-Akorna are important for the education and the students in that they are a link to the clinical operations, says Åsa Engström, Head of the Division of Nursing, Department of Health.

Carl-Henrik Sirkka LTU
Carl-Henrik Sirkka, far left, is the ambulance nurse and has a rich experience to share. Here, he takes part in an exercise for students who will become nurse practitioner specializing ambulance care.

Most of tha aka,s stems employment in Norrbotten County Council (NLL), an employee in the municipality of Luleå.
The working hours of aca-assignment varies between 10-50 percent.
One of their main tasks is to supervise and assess students during their clinical placement (internship) out in hospitals or other workplaces.
They also participate in teaching at the university and is with the exercises and laboratories.
Carl-Henrik Sirkka, ambulance nurse in Boden, is aka for nurses who go to a specialist ambulance nurse.

Cecilia Nystrom LTU
One of Cecilia;s main tasks are to participate in the assessment of the students when they are out of practice (clinical education).

-We is a bridge between the university and business, he says.
-I think I bring new skills to the students. The profession as ambulance nurse is changing, there are new instruments, new routines and new directions all the time, he says.
Being aka is evolving, says Carl-Henrik Sirkka.
-I've always liked the educational work and it is stimulating to take care of students, he says.
For students who are on work experience (internship), it is reassuring to akorna there.
-They know I'm a person they can turn to, such as if it involves reflection on the work, says Cecilia Nystrom.

She is a critical care nurse at Sunderby hospital.

Cecilia Nystrom, LTU
Aka system has been around for a few years. In time, perhaps adjunct clinical lecturers taking place in education.

Cecilia is in charge of 13 students during their internship periods at various hospitals.

Åsa Engström hope more Akor should be linked to health education, for example, she wants to see Akor in primary care, psychiatry at Sunderby hospital and some additional areas.

In the future, she hopes that in addition Akor should be a new category of staff involved in the supervision and assessment of students.
-I hope and believe the trend is towards the deal includes the adjunct clinical associate professors, she says.

Facts: All Akor are registered nurses with a bachelor's degree in nursing. Most have master's degree and have completed supervisor training.
All have specialist training in the skills they teach in.