Happy and proud. Teachers and managers of the nursing program at Luleå University celebrated the reviewed by University Chancellor Board with cake.

High quality of nursing education

Published: 19 February 2014

The quality of the nursing education at Luleå University of Technology has a high level.
Both nursing (professional degree) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing, receives the overall score high quality in a new evaluation by University Chancellor Board (UKA).

Inger Lindberg LTU
Inger Lindberg, education director of the nursing program.

Inger Lindberg, education director of the nursing program, is pleased with the result, but she is not surprised.

-We have been working for a long time with quality in nursing education to match Uka's requirements for both the professional degree and bachelor's degree, she says.

-This work has been done and is continuous in the training team and program committee together with representatives of the healthcare organization and students, says Inger Lindberg.

University Chancellor Board's new evaluation was presented on Wednesday, February 19. The board has verified the fulfillment of examensamål for 24 programs leading to a degree in nursing, and 25 programs leading to bachelor's degree in nursing as well as nursing and health sciences.

Of the 49 courses may be reviewed 40 high-quality, two sheep 'very high quality, seven of unreliability.

Nursing at Luleå University of Technology is the largest program in the Department of Health. 80 students per semester admitted to the program.