Inger Lindberg and Åsa Engström research on mothers' experience of intensive care for complicated deliveries caused much interest.

International interest in obstetric r

Published: 10 April 2014

Research results from Luleå University aroused great interest at an ongoing international conference on obstetric services in Brussels.
Åsa Engström and Inger Lindberg, assistant professors in the Department of Health, had on Wednesday called a poster presentation of her research on mothers' experience of intensive care after a complicated delivery.

- The copied articles on the study was over within minutes, says Åsa Engström.

Conference Optimising childbirth across Europe have participants from 28 countries, including from Europe, but also from Japan, Australia and the USA.

It takes place April 9 to 10, 2014.

Åsa Engström would on Thursday hold an oral presentation of the research report on complicated births.

On the same day would Inger Lindberg present Luleå researchers study about fathers' experience of care during complicated deliveries.

Fathers exposed to a great psychological distress during labor that leads to the mother must be cared for in intensive care, according to research study.