-The great thing is that the research will benefit, says Sophie Nordmark.

LTU research can influence care law

Published: 20 February 2014

LTU graduate student Sofi Nordmarks research on gaps in information sharing between health professionals in the municipality and county has brought social ministry;s interest in her work on a new bill.
-It is great fun that research really is going to be useful, says Sofi Nordmark.

The bill will be about a more effective and coherent information management within and between health care and social services.

A final report about the bill is to be presented to Parliament by 30 April.

The Ministry of Health approached Sofi Nordmark after reading an article about her research in Today's Medicine on 18 February.

-There was a ripple after the article, she says.

Sofi Nordmark's research shows that nurses on different sides of the health care boundary between the municipality and county often have different ideas about what information about the patient that they have communicated with each other.

One way to improve the exchange of information might be to look at how information is structured. Among other things, it is important that the terms and concepts are clearly defined.

The Ministry of Health will also allow those who are working on a revision of the law on liability in the health sector share of Sofi Nordmarks research. These include when the municipality or county shall bear the cost of care.

Sofi Nordmark is on leave from the Norrbotten county to conduct research at the Department of Health Sciences, Luleå University of Technology.

She is a trained nurse but working since 1997 at the County Council's IT department with business development and project management.